Lauren's style of openness, energetic, and creative really allowed me to explore my business goals. At the same time her focus on pushing the task at hand kept me in growth mode. Thank you, Lauren!"

– S. F., Licensed Counselor, Coaching client

"Best decision I've made in the past 5 years.

Here's a few things I've learned &/or changed: Realizing my strengths, ask for help, understanding & accepting myself & my creative process, build a strong team, prioritize taking GOOD care of myself, delegate responsibility. I came [to Lauren] overwhelmed with life, ideas, and creative block. I've learned how to focus & direct my energy; & I have tangible results! Thank you."

– A., Visual Artist + Sculptor, Self-care workshop attendee

"Lauren's workshop allowed me to take a really strong look at my process...

... and truly recognize what takes away and what helps me be more creative in my daily work. By going through this workshop I was able to see more clearly a big block to my process that I had been ignoring and excusing away - now I'm actively working on changing in a effort to make my work better." 

– Lynn M., Corporate workshop attendee

“We wanted to give a huge thanks and endorsement for Lauren Aycock Anderson!

Lauren met with us for creative coaching and it was worth EVERY DAMN PENNY. She helped us clarify our goals, put us in touch with what excited us about our project, and asked all the right questions. She will meet with you over Skype, on the phone, probably even in an abandoned warehouse if that’s your thing. She knows what she’s doing. Thanks Lauren!”

– Matt + Clare, comedy producers and stars of the Does this Work? podcast, Coaching clients

“Lauren is a great creative coach. 

She helped me develop strategy for a book project nearing publication, balance various channels of new studio work and delve into deeper implications of the work in progress. Super helpful with the ongoing challenges inherent to these pursuits. I recommend her services to assist with strategy and maintaining or regaining momentum in creative fields.”

– Daniel Stuelpnagel, Visual artist, Coaching client

Lauren is an excellent creative coach and the workshop was definitely time well spent.

– Toniann M., Corporate workshop attendee

“Lauren's coaching has been enormously beneficial.

She cheers me on when I need it, doesn’t let me make excuses for not working toward my goals, and helps me maintain a level of consistency with my creative projects that I struggled with on my own, all while maintaining a professional and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Along with being a good coach, Lauren is very perceptive, and has identified certain elements in my life that slow me down, and has helped me work through and around them. I can’t recommend her highly enough; her impact on my life has been a blessing.”

– D, Writer, Coaching client

“I wanted to change careers after 9 years in one field. I hadn’t been happy with my job for a couple years, but I had no idea what else I could do, and the idea of starting over was overwhelming. When my father died last fall…I knew I had to do it, but I had no idea how to make it happen. I thought “I didn’t finish my degree.” “Who’s going to want me?” “I don’t have any experience in this field.” “I’ll probably have to settle for a lower salary.” But Lauren coached me through the transition. From the interview process, actually leaving my old job, and starting my new career…Lauren was my cheerleader!

It can be a pretty lonely and scary place when you’re ‘in between’ and it’s easy to talk yourself out of whatever it is you know you want to do. But working with Lauren reassured me that change is scary. But the best month of my old life was never better than the unknown of doing something healthy. Doing something new. It’s been almost a year since I decided to take the first steps on this journey. And I am incredibly thankful that Lauren was there to coach me through it. I’m enjoying this new life so much. Now when I hear friends who are perpetually unhappy with something in their life or their relationship or work, I tell them my success story, and hope it inspires them to choose the life they want to live…and live it. Because that’s what I learned working with Lauren. And I’m really thankful!”

– Rachel, Writer & Musician, Coaching client

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