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Do you have big dreams, but have trouble realizing them?

Are you tired of your “normal” job and dreaming of making a creative living?

Are you ready to say YES to the things you really want?

Hey, I’m Lauren! 

about me squareI’m a professional musician with a masters in counseling and a burning desire to help my fellow artists create with courage! I believe creative people have so much to offer the world, but we often get stuck because of the messages we receive that art, especially our own unique vision, does not have worth.

You deserve to be seen and heard. And when you look around, you see that art is EVERYWHERE. It’s vital to our society. As a creative, you’re an emotional, sensitive, incredible counterpoint to a world that often tells us not to feel the way we feel.

The world needs you and your art.


Consider me your fear and self-doubt buster.
I’m your own personal, professional optimist and confidant, ready to challenge any limiting beliefs that get in the way of your dreams. 


I can help you to:

  • Clarify your goals
  • Identify and shift the beliefs that keep you from moving forward
  • Figure out how to do what you want
  • Create a plan that works for you
  • Stay motivated so you can stick to it

Here are just a few of the things my coaching clients come to me for:

Turning procrastination into motivation

If anyone has battled the procrastination demon, it’s me. Strangely, it makes sense to procrastinate. Why? Because it protects you from the fear that comes with really committing to yourself. If you’re willing to face the fear, I can motivate you to move beyond it, create a plan, and get things DONE.

Finding balance

It can be hard to balance life and creative work! Many of us have gotten the message that room for creative work is impossible within a “normal” lifestyle. And let’s face it, some of us artists don’t know how to take great care of ourselves. I’ll help you find a new routine that gives you the energy and mental space to thrive and create your best work.

Starting and marketing a small business

As an entrepreneur, graphic designer, and marketing expert, I can help you with everything from creating your business plan to perfecting your web copy to optimizing your social media presence.




What does a coaching package include?

Personalized contract

When you purchase a coaching package, you’ll be asked to sign an initial agreement detailing the ins and outs of your customized coaching. I ask for an initial two month commitment.


Before your first session, you’ll be sent a series of questions all about you and your creative self. This helps me get even more familiar with you and your goals so our time together can be as helpful to you as possible. Before each following session, you’ll be sent another short series of questions that will help us both keep the session focused on exactly what you need.

One-on-one sessions

Most sessions are done through telephone or Skype, so you can work with me from virtually anywhere! If you prefer in-person coaching, 60-minute sessions can take place at my office or at a public place, like a coffee shop, in Baltimore, Maryland. Each session, we’ll talk about your progress on your goals. I’ll ask you questions and give you tools to help you move forward on them.

Email support

Get additional support between meetings via email. Questions and thoughts that come up between sessions are always welcome. I will get back to you by the next business day.

Packages tailored to your needs

Coaching takes place through either 30 or 60-minute private sessions, weekly or biweekly. Choose the package that best suits you, your needs and your budget.

Plans and tools you can use forever

I’ll often email you notes that include goals, deadlines, and any additional thoughts I may have. Throughout the process, you’ll develop skills you can use again and again throughout your abundant, creative life.


Feel free to send me an email. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about coaching and whether it’s right for you. We can even set up a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.

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Biweekly Coaching

This package gets you two, 30-minute phone or skype sessions a month for two months, PLUS email support and motivation whenever you need it (up to 6 emails a month)! Most people need at least 4 sessions, so I request an initial 2 month commitment.

SAVE $15 with a one-time payment of $235 


Pay $125 a month in 2 monthly installments

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Weekly Coaching 

This package gets you four, 30-minute (or 2 60-minute) phone or skype sessions a month for a total of two months PLUS email support and motivation whenever you need it (up to 8 emails a month)! Commit to weekly coaching and get a jumpstart on your goals today.

SAVE $30 with a one-time payment of $470


Pay $125 a month in 4 monthly installments

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Creative Confidant 

The Creative Confidant coaching package is a 2 to 4 month intensive that gives you a super boost on your creative work. It’s great for people looking to launch a big project like starting a small business, beginning production on a film, pitching a novel, producing an album, or submitting a portfolio, . We’ll work side-by-side to make sure you make your dream happen. This package gets you nearly unlimited access to me via email/text/chat with a total of 8 hours of private coaching via phone, Skype, or in my office or a public place of your choice.

SAVE $105 with a one-time payment of $895


Pay $125 a month in 8 monthly installments

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Client Endorsements

Lauren met with us for creative coaching and it was worth EVERY DAMN PENNY. She helped us clarify our goals, put us in touch with what excited us about our project, and asked all the right questions. She will meet with you over Skype, on the phone, probably even in an abandoned warehouse if that’s your thing. She knows what she’s doing. Thanks Lauren!”

– Matt + Clare, comedy producers and stars of the Does this Work? podcast

“Lauren is a great creative coach, she helped me develop strategy for a book project nearing publication, balance various channels of new studio work and delve into deeper implications of the work in progress. Super helpful with the ongoing challenges inherent to these pursuits. I recommend her services to assist with strategy and maintaining or regaining momentum in creative fields.”

– Daniel Stuelpnagel, Visual artist

“Lauren has been helping me organize my creative habits and stay motivated for a couple of months now, and her coaching has already been enormously beneficial. She cheers me on when I need it, doesn’t let me make excuses for not working toward my goals, and helps me maintain a level of consistency with my creative projects that I struggled with on my own, all while maintaining a professional and non-judgmental atmosphere… I can’t recommend her highly enough; her impact on my life has been a blessing.”

– D, Writer

“I wanted to change careers after 9 years in one field… Lauren coached me through the transition. From the interview process, actually leaving my old job, and starting my new career…Lauren was my cheerleader! It can be a pretty lonely and scary place when you’re ‘in between’ and it’s easy to talk yourself out of whatever it is you know you want to do. But working with Lauren reassured me that change is scary. But the best month of my old life was never better than the unknown of doing something healthy. Doing something new. It’s been almost a year since I decided to take the first steps on this journey. And I am incredibly thankful that Lauren was there to coach me through it. I’m enjoying this new life so much. Now when I hear friends who are perpetually unhappy with something in their life or their relationship or work, I tell them my success story, and hope it inspires them to choose the life they want to live…and live it. Because that’s what I learned working with Lauren. And I’m really thankful!”

– Rachel, Writer & Musician

Take your creative work to the next level and live the life you want.

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