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Are you a creative person struggling with your relationships, anxiety, or self-worth? Are you tired of putting your own needs aside and overwhelmed by the demands of others? I’m a therapist and coach for creatives like you. I specialize in counseling highly empathic people who encounter problems through feeling and giving too much. I want to help you trust yourself so you can live a more joyful, meaningful life. I also provide creativity coaching, which can help you bust through blocks, like self-doubt or fear, so you can create with courage.

I’m not interested in labeling people as dysfunctional.

I view the issues you’re facing within the context of your life and work with you to cultivate the strengths and abilities you already possess to help you feel better. As a fellow artist, I understand your struggles as a creative: from being misunderstood by friends, family, and loved ones, to finding a balance between creative work and a “day job”.



Whether you want to finish your novel, heal from a toxic relationship, or simply find more fulfilling work, I offer a safe place for you to express yourself authentically and make space for your creations.


My office is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Contact me today to set up an appointment or a complimentary coaching or therapy consultation!


I want to empower you to pursue your passions and live life with courage by helping you clarify who you are, what you want, and how you’ll get it.